Quest For Glory 4
Shadows Of Darkness

To see more pictures from my playthrough check out the slideshow video below.

Where did your luggage end up this time?


Seems like a nice town

Another warm welcome

A strange home for thieves

That's a lotta cats!

An evil monastery

The dark one rises

The forests are very dangerous at night

The gatekeeper to castle Borgov

Is this.. legal?

Another creepy graveyard

Need a towel?

Death & decay spread through the land

Another magic garden, Erana was here!

Your nightmares reveal she is suffering

Err I didn't do it!

Gypsies tell you of a dark future

This seems familiar

I missed you too Katrina

What lays in the crypt?

A powerful wraith!
The ultimate battle!

Seems like a nice castle

Okay not so nice..

A moment that breaks your heart

"Hey baby I can explain.. OUCH!"

Is it just me or does that look like a..

Final showdown & the ultimate sacrifice!

Quest for glory 4 is my favourite game in the series! I originally didn't think that any sequel could overcome my nostalgic love for QFG1 but not long after you start up QFG4 do you realise it really is the best in the series for looks, sound, gameplay and story! Even today it still looks gorgeous and is so atmospheric! It even recently made the PC Gamer UK 2012 Best 100 Games Ever List at 72 ahead of some big games like Doom, C&C, GalCiv2, and Alpha Centari just to name a few!

In this adventure our hero is teleported away from his QFG3 friends in Tarna by dark wizards and you start the game lost in a evil dark cave, ironically the most dangerous place of the game where it all ends! If can you escape you come out into a haunting dark misty forest & swampland where a strange but beautiful girl named Katrina greets you and tells you where the nearest town is. Mordavia is a dark and dangerous place with gothic Transylvanian themes filled with spectacular characters all fully voiced while your adventures are fully narrated by none other than LOTR, Indiana Jones & Star Trek star Jonathan Rhys Davies! You play a part in a dark epic story of danger, romance and great loss. QFG4 is by far the most difficult and dangerous adventure for our hero yet! If he survives he will journey to QFG5 a changed man.
Unfortunately QFG4 is also the buggiest game of the series with many catastrophic errors that can end your game and weeks of character building. I strongly recommend you use the patches below and rotate between 3-4 savegames! The game is well worth surviving the bugs for! I have found that watching the movie Sleepy Hollow always reminds me of the dark misty forests and wamps of Mordavia, I list the similarities in story and world in a forum discussion at Quest For More Glory You should check out the film with QFG4 in mind if you haven't seen it!
My love for QFG4 is so great that in 2015 I decided to create a QFG4 3D mod for Hexen with the ZDoom enhancement. ZDoom now supports VR too so if you've always wanted to walk around in a 3D Mordavia that retains the retro feel of the original QFG4 game while fighting monsters and seeing areas of town you've never seen before then head on over and check out my Quest for Glory IV 3D Project page.

Incredibly detailed walkthrough covering all aspects of the game. No other walkthrough out there beats this one!
QFG 4 MAP - by Blake (Me!)
Dissatisfied with other maps out there I made my own.
QFG 4 PATCH - by NewRisingSun
This fan made patch hosted by Sierrahelp will fix many potential game ending bugs & increase compatibility on modern machines (the game will still need DOSBox to run in Windows though). You can also get the non-playable DEMO there.

Quest For Glory 4 Videos
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